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We are a site dedicated to delivering all the information you need about Nissan as a company and manufacturer of automobiles. Over the course of this site we will provide info about Nissan as a company and about the models they currently produce. We will also take the time to look at how used Nissan cars sell on the second hand vehicle market, and investigate why they have been so successful over such a long period of time. Our favourite Nissan car is most probably the GT-R, see the popular models page for more information. We thought we would take a look online to see how easy it is to get a bargain on a used Nissan vehicle.


The Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works was founded in 1911. The first car was produced by the company in 1914 and was called the DAT. The company was rebranded in 1918 and then again to the DAT Motorcar Co. in 1925. DAT Motorcar Co. began producing trucks in addition to standard passenger cars. Trucks became the main focus of the company, similar many automotive companies in this era, as the market for passenger cars was almost non-existent at the time. Motor cars were still a relatively new phenomenon and the vast majority of people did not have nearly enough money to buy one. The company was first abbreviated as Nissan in the early 1930s and Nissan Motor was subsequently founded in 1934. Over the following decades the company continued to grow and began diversifying its products more and more. They expanded to a worldwide market from the late 1950s onwards. The company developed race cars which would go on to compete in various areas of motor car racing. Nissan went on to have a partnership with Ford in the 1990s and entered an alliance with Renault in 1999. Today Nissan is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world and turns over billions of pounds every year. Check out the range of used Nissans here!